21 March 2009

a good rest and a burn that itches

(I'm lazy and if you want to see photos from what I'm talking about check out my flickr)

It's been busy and not so busy...but I haven't been near my laptop for two weeks so I'm only finally able to write. The Monday night/Tuesday morning before I was leaving on my trip away, my friend ended up in the ER for some complications....So I ended up driving home after work Tuesday night, packing a bag and moving into her house til Friday morning so that she could be helped. She needed to rest a lot and I took her daughter to school each day and picked her up too. Luckily my schedule at work is somewhat flexible and people are understanding. Like on Thursday when I had to take my friend to the dr. for her appointment and wasn't in to work til nearly 12:30 when I was supposed to be there at 10.

So then on Friday morning after the school run I packed up and drove home. To unpack, figure out what summer clothes to wash/pack and then took a nap. After packing up my dad took me to the airport. It was strange to be in our local airport because everything is so quick and the set up changes everytime I'm there. The flights took me from here to Chicago and then to Orlando. It was after midnight by the time we arrived back at my friends friends' apartment and then went to sleep as soon as I could!

Saturday morning I got up, showered and sat outside on a patio and read. I also took some photos of the pond right next to the apartment. There were all sorts of ducks and other animals. When my friend came back from being out we went to the store and picked out some sunblock. Heres where I give a product review. DO NOT under any circumstances buy Burts Bees 30 SPF. I burned (not on this day but on Tuesday..with liberal almost hourly application!) After we packed a lunch/snack we headed for a State Park near Clearwater. It was amazing and not overly run with tourists. They had even set up for a wedding and reception on the beach. I didn't take photos..but it was pretty neat. We laid around for a while, well I laid out and read. I have little to no patience for just laying there....I'm way too active! After a while I went down to the beach house and saw that there was a shower and changing area as well as bathroom. Pretty cool! I have photos of it on film but haven't developed them yet. Then we went into the Gulf...it was COLD...but once we started going in a bit by bit, it was not as noticeable. I ended up taking my Canon into the ocean, well not literally in the water but I walked in and took photos in black/white and got some *hopefully great photos of my friend and her husband in the water. Her husband also got a photo or two of us. We saw jellyfish, 2 that looked like breast implants and one that was brownish and sort of squiggly. The squiggly one was in the water! Then we walked down the beach, I ended up picking up a bunch of shells...even though I hadn't intended on doing so. I think I might do a shadow box with them and a photo from the beach.

After the beach we went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse and had dinner with my friend, her husband, my friends friend and another friend. It was a good dinner! We ate a lot of bread and onion. hehe That sounds gross!

Sunday, we woke up and went to church. The church we went to looks like one of those metal barns only it was painted two tones of brown. It was a good time. Afterwards we went to Mimi's Cafe for lunch. YUM. I told them we should have dessert first and then eat dinner. That was fun and I had a chocolate brownie with ice cream. Afterwards I took a photo of my friend and her friend outside Mimi's. We then packed up and headed to Orlando. We found the hotel, but actually it just had the same name! We were a few minutes away from our actual hotel. The first hotel looked nicer but the hotel we ended up at was pretty great! It was a suites place so we had a kitchen, living room, bedroom and then a split bathroom, so that the sink was in one area and then the toilet & shower had a door. It was great since 3 of us were sharing the suite.

Let's see...Sunday evening we went to...the Space Shuttle Launch. That was probably one of my favorite things out of the whole trip! I took a TON of photos on my Canon, but only about 6 on my phone. It was fun to have that kind of camraderie with so many others who were all lined up on the bridge and highway with us. By this point it seemed like we had spent more time driving places then actually doing anything...so I was excited that the next day we were....

Going to Universal Studios. It was a 2 mile (?) walk from our hotel...and we didn't want to pay for parking. We decided to go to Islands of Adventure, I ended up being slightly disappointed that there weren't more rollercoasters. Seems like there were a lot of random things to do but not too many regular rollercoasters. Oh I made a list of what I went on but it's on my phone, so I'll add that later.

Tuesday, we decided for a lazy day so we hung out at the pool ALL DAY at the hotel. Which is when I was slathering on sunblock like noones business and still turned neon pink. My face tanned nicely but my ears and the rest of my body are pretty much still pinkish/red. It's sort of funny but also itchy as well.

Wednesday morning we headed to the airport early for our flight and when we got into Atlanta we were delayed for probably an hour and a half. Luckily I could check it on my phone! My dad picked me up and after getting home I unpacked and then took a nap. I was tired! Then I was invited for dinner so I repacked and headed into my friends house and stayed til today.

My work hours were ridiculous with the Twilight party last night and today I had the Eric Carle party. The Twilight party was fun. We had a TON of people show up for it. We ended up selling the movie til 12:43 am and then it took us til 1:30 am to close the store. Today was our Eric Carle party and it was really small. It was a surprise but helpful since I had a tissue paper activity and really wasn't sure how we would do it if everyone was sitting on the floor! After I was off work fromthe party I came home and yup, took another nap.

The Twilight

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