23 February 2009

A new product

So I've been sent 2 products to try out: The Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pets and the Multi Surface cleaner. I'm pretty excited to try them out. I'm even going to have my friend K try out the Fabric Sweeper to see how it works on the cat hair at her home. I just had Toby the dog I'm petsitting in my car and so I'm going to use it to see how un pet hairy I can get my car :)

The information sent with it say it can:
1. Pick up as much pet hair as 145 sticky lint roller sheets
2. It's self cleaning
3. Lasts 3-5 weeks with daily use
4. It's disposable (which while thats great I wish it were re-usable, maybe we could clean it ourselves)
5. Transparent- so you can see it working
6. Has an ergonomic handle

Plus the retail is suggested to be $4.99 which is a great price for this type of product.

So between the 2 of us testing it out we will see how easy it is to use and hopefully I can convince K to write her thoughts out to share with you!

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