17 February 2009

Blogging live from Blogher 09

Well it's come to be, I'm going to Blogher 09 in Chicago this July. I'm actually glad it's that far away, since I have so many trips and events coming up it's getting a bit overwhelming. Here's the skinny latte for you:

21 Feb - Elmo's 3rd Birthday Party - yeah...I know...its like he's in Groundhog day for a whole year every year for the past...20? years at the bookstore where I work
27 & 28 Feb 1 Mar - Des Moines - Andrew Bird concert and more scrapbooking
13 - 18 Mar - Orlando, Florida - Hanging out with Joy and hopefully lounging on a beach just being warm and relaxing
21 Mar - midnight dvd release of Twilight at the bookstore
21 Mar - Eric Carle party at the bookstore
Late June-Early July - possibly going to SummerMadness 09
24 & 25 July - Blogher 09

I've already been to Des Moines once this month, to see Mollie and scrapbook at a special scrap event they had 2 weekends ago. It was pretty fun. I actually ran out of photos to scrapbook because I had only brought so many with me....oops! We also cleaned her garage on the Sunday I was there.

There isn't much else going on. I'm dogsitting for my friend for 2 weeks while she is in Florida. She doesn't have wireless so I've resorted to either using my phone for internet or coming to the library cafe where I am not to get online.


Nicole said...

Sweet! Maybe we can carpool up there! :)

email me about the Hasbro game.


Sonny Amou said...

Take lots of pics, because...well, someone has to.