09 January 2009


So since I let my friend borrow my DS and Wii, I have been sleeping and attempting to get my room in order since it was such a mess. I finally set up my bookcase from this...after just putting in the bookshelves and moving books that were piled on my desk to the bottom (this was Tuesday when I was sick) to the books being put in by genre and alpha'd (on Wednesday). The bookshelf is 72" a bit taller then my other bookcase.

Yesterday I worked at the bookstore, and had a fun surprise :) I met SAHM and her family! It was pretty funny when she pointed out to her husband my name and that she saw it on my nametag.

After work I went back to my friends and we watched Dirty Dancing Havana Nights. Did you know it's based on a true story? That was interesting! I also took my Wii and all the components back so I could play them. I miss my DS, I am starting to forget what it's like to have one. No my friend, you can NOT keep it. lol.

Tonight my dad is making turkey, I am excited since I'm pretty sure he is making turkey nuggets with different flavors YUM! He just bought a new indoor deep fryer so he doesn't have to stand on the front porch with the outdoor fryer..course maybe he doesn't want to accidentally set the new porch on fire :)

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Nicole said...

Was pretty cool running into you, Mel. May seem silly but I was excited to put the face with, well, the face on the blog. If I wasn't with DH, I probably would have stood there talking to you for hours (or until I was shooed away by bookstore security). LOL

Feel free to drop me a line anytime at sahmtoo @ gmail. We'll see if we can get over to one of those events you're coordinating at the store.