17 January 2009

So yesterday was our Sandra Boynton Party and Inauguration Party which went really well actually even though I was nervous about running the Inauguration Party. They even came from one of the news stations and did a small news piece on it as well as one of the local papers. I already looked and some of the photos are on their website.

We had trivia at the Inauguration Party. Write down your answers and I will tell you the answers in a few days!

1. The election for Presidency is held every _________ years.
a. 2 b. 4 c. 6

2. You have to be ____ years old to run for President
1. 35 b. 36 c. 37

3. The ceremony in which a new president takes office is ___________.
a. Election b. Ballot c. Inauguration

4. Whose nickname was Teddy?

5. What type of tree did George Washington chop down?

6. What color is the House the President lives in?

7. How is the President's wife addressed?

8. What number President will Obama be?

9. Who is the Vice President going to be?

10. Who was the first President?

11. Where did the sixteenth President live before he became President?

12. What former King was a U.S. President?

13. Who was the only President to have been a Hollywood Actor?

14. Which U.S. President was a twin?

15. How many bathrooms are in the White House?
a. 42 b. 27 c. 35

16. What does the 'S' in Harry S. Truman stand for?

17. Which President was a peanut farmer?

18. What state does Barack Obama represent?

19. What President came from Iowa?

20. Who served 4 terms as President?

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