06 January 2009

Okay here I am

With working 2 jobs...well mostly 2 per day, or like a few days last week, bouncing between them both, job one on sunday, job two on monday, job one on tuesday...etc I hadn't made a huge effort to come and write about, well my jobs. I have been working pretty much each day, with days off being, Christmas Day, this past Friday, and yesterday. Plus today I had a migraine so I stayed home and called in sick on the one day I was supposed to work this week for the electronics store.

Things of interest:
1. Received more Apple gift cards for Christmas, and I counted them up yesterday and my current total is just over $1000. Just need a few hundred more to actually buy a computer.
2. Recieved money as well, and bought a Coldplay double disc set, Dance Dance Revolution 2, as well as Rock Band 2 (drums and game) for my Wii
3. A bookcase came and last night was brought up to my room, so now I need to bring the shelves up and put them in where I want them as well as loading it with books. Last night when I arrived home I managed to transfer all my errant books, from the floor and desk to the bottom of the bookcase and now I can see some of my floor and desk again :)

I've been playing Rock Band 2 like crazy, and waiting for the music store to go online for the Wii..so I can buy more music I enjoy. I am enjoying the Touring aspect of the game and have been playing all over in different UK cities since I based myself in Dublin (in the game of course). I also now have a Tour Manager and 2 people paid on staff, including my mother and some random guy, who at this moment I can't remember his job title. I also have decided I need to buy drum pad silencers but we don't have them in stock.

Things people are after at the moment:
1. Dark Knight
2. Mamma Mia
3. Wall-E
4. Step Brothers
5. Wii Fit
6. Mario Kart
7. Wii

I am not saying to buy them, since I haven't seen the movies, but those are the top 7 sellers at the moment.

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