18 January 2009

My vacation

Tuesday through Thursday I was in Chicago for my vacation which was wonderful :)

Tuesday I drove up and picked up my friend Nomi who is here for 2 weeks from Northern Ireland. We went shopping and she had her first soft pretzel :)
Tuesday was a fun day of driving around to all sorts of places including the Converse store. I stayed at a Wilco fans' apartment Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Wednesday morning I slept in and woke up to a great day of my own timetable. I had planned ahead with a list of book and music stores in the area and headed out to the first one, Laurie's Planet of Sound. After buying 2 cd's I walked a block to The Grind (cafe) and had a chai and chocolate croissant YUM. While there I mapped out my entire list so I knew which shops to go to so I went in a somewhat orderly fashion and didn't waste a lot of gas. Ended up buying about 13 books mostly used which was fun!

Thursday morning Wilco fan and myself headed for breakfast at Over Easy. Pretty neat place. Afterwards we went to a record store I had missed the day before...then to IKEA. I bought a new floor lamp, bookends that clip on my bookshelf, some food containers and a few chocolate bars. On the way home I stopped at PF Changs for dinner YUM!

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