10 January 2009

fun and games..and not so fun and games

This morning was our 7 am meeting at the electronics store...wahey for waking up early. Course really I shouldn't have stayed up reading The Book Thief by Mark Zusak. Which was a really interesting read. It has to do with WW2 and a young girl in Germany, told by 'death' as well as the young girl.

Anyway, our meeting was long, and they covered attendance issues as well as a lot of things I paid attention to but is slipping my mind. After the meeting I had to sort out some days I was supposed to have off as well as putting in for 2 weekends off in February.

After the meeting I went to the bookstore to return a book and exchange it for 3 others that I had been looking forward to. I bought and read while sitting in the cafe, Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson. I loved it! It reminded me of Cecilia Ahern's book, If You Could See Me Now. Actually if you enjoy reading I'd have to recommend all her books :) I have nearly all of them and am excited about buying her latest 2 that I had missed coming out! After a few hours of reading, I was able to talk to one of my co-workers about the children's parties we are having in the next 2 week time period.

After finishing Sundays at Tiffany's I came home, took a nap, and then went back into town to babysit 'Mac' and 'Drake' as they so fondly named their Mii's. We played some Wii, 2 card games: War and Go Fish, and then 'Mac' and I played Sorry. I finally put them to bed and when their parents came home I talked to them about their new Wii and all the different games they had. They have Carnival and Winter Sports 2, neither of which I own. So I had tried those out before they arrived home. Winter Sports 2 is somewhat difficult to master. I think it would take me some more time working on how to work all of it to enjoy it and not crash into the fence during skiing. Carnival was fun and I'd play it again, has a bit of a workout to it for parts. So I helped set them up on their Wii Fit, as they hadn't done that yet. Both J and C set up their Mii's for the Fit, got weighed, BMI's and I walked them through all the different activities available. I also plugged in my Wii number so that we could communicate via Wii and showed them how to do that for their family members who had also gotten a Wii at Christmas. Hmm..I think that's about all that happened. It was a pretty good night and I enjoyed trying out the new games.

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