30 January 2009

BlogHer 09

So I spotted BlogHer 09 is in Chicago. Who loves Chicago more then myself? So I was looking around on the site and spotted volunteer opportunities and thought I'd check it out. Lucky for me that applications for volunteering are due tomorrow and I still had time. So out of the 3 jobs you can do I'm interested in 2 of them, even though I'm quick I'm not sure I want to run around handing out mic's so I applied for the Registration Desk and Live Blogging. I've never live blogged, but you have to start somewhere. I guess we'll see what happens with this. I have TONS of experience running around and doing different jobs at SummerMadness and it took me a while to think of all the jobs I have done at SM and list it in the email I just sent off. I was tempted to write, 'Run around a lot and do anything asked of me' but figured that is a bit general!

In other news, this week has been another crazy yet fun week. Saturday I volunteered to do our Tea Party (for kids) event. We also had one for adults. In retrospect I should have learned the songs better, since that was the part I did not do well, but really I thought I knew the teapot song. How does one forget it? Well I did! Oh well. Some of the families that had come to our previous weeks Inuguration Party came to the Tea Party so that was great! I'm hoping we can build on our events so they are fun and the kids enjoy coming for them.

Monday night I went out after work (bookstore) with N and K to Graze. I really wish that wasn't the name of the restaurant. I live on a farm, I don't need to be going to a place named Graze. It's just a word connotation for me I guess! But they have good food and things to drink there. It's really hard to tell but this is a Valentini, it's fruity and it was smoking and bubbling for the first 8-10 minutes I had it. I like trying new things!

Tuesday night was electronics store, I closed and it was truck night. The truck had around 3,000 pieces but we didn't have many items for our department so we put everything away. My supervisor decided to unbox all our GH and RB bundles in the back up high on the rather large shelving area so we could see all our product, because trying to read the outside of huge cardboard boxes is not motivational and no one downstocks the product so then it appears to customers that we don't have something when we have 40 of them in the warehouse. One of the other guys and myself worked on putting all our product out and then I got upset and fixed the Wii games again, since I had JUST farmed that section on Sunday. Farming is when you go through the whole section and alphabetize it, case games if necassary and create stickers so that customers know how much things cost. Well someone had put games out with no prices and in really odd places. So luckily we had time and were able to fix all of that.

Wednesday night after work (bookstore) I went to an early dinner with R to Noodles n' Company. Now I admit this is not in my top 10 places to go eat at but I do like their Creamy Tomato Basil Soup. Plus R had a buy one get one meal so how can you beat that.

Thursday night after work (bookstore again) was S and myself's birthday dinner. We were going to go to Applebee's but when S arrived there they were packed. Okay why were so many people eating out on Thursday night? Isn't the economy bad? Shouldn't all of you people be at home with your families? hehe So she called me and we ended up going to Exotic Thai (big yum from me) and I gave her a birthday present...Mario Kart for the DS and a screen protector with extra stylus that wraps around your finger :) Very exciting since that's what she wanted for Christmas but did not receive. Afterwards she went to yoga and I went back to the bookstore to look at books I had picked out from our bargain area (it's buy one get one free right now on blue sticker books) and I had found 2 first edition hardcovers by a young adult author I enjoy. Then I walked around looking for 3 books I had seen when shelving that looked interesting. I ended up finding one more blue sticker book I wanted and a new hardcover fiction book by an author I enjoy. I have read this book and really enjoyed it! I really need to find that one too, maybe I can swap for it. So I ended up with 4 books for my birthday (which is next week), including 2 books by Ned Vizzini. They are Be More Chill and It's Kind of a Funny Story. The 4th book I ended up with is Brick Lane by Monica Ali. After S came to the bookstore we went to Chili's and I had their Molten dessert. YUM! Chocolate and ice cream. What can be better?

Let's see, in the past few weeks I have finished The Devil in the White City by Erik larson, now I'm hoping to read his other books. As well as reading River Wife by Jonis Agee and The Dowry Bride by Shobhan Bantwal. Things I'm listening to: Mates of State, Loney, Dear and Andrew Bird.

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Sonny Amou said...

Devil In White City, I read that. Good stuff.

I woke up and posted. Thanks again for the nudge.

Pax, SA.