27 January 2009


Did you figure out all the answers for the quiz? Let's see if you got them all correct.

1. Election held every 4 years
2. 35 years old to be President
3. Ceremony is called an Inauguration
4. Teddy was Theodore Roosevelt
5. George chopped down a Cherry Tree
6. The White House....well it's White
7. The President's Wife is addressed as the First Lady
8. President Obama is our 44th
9. The VP is Joe Biden
10. George Washington was 1st
11. The Sixteenth President was Lincoln was lived in Illinois before he became President
12. The former Leslie King who had a name change to Gerald Ford was an actor and King before becoming our President.
13. Ronald Regan was a Hollywood Actor
14. Thomas Jefferson had a brother who was a twin whose name was Randolph. (Hmm, according to a book I found the wording led me to believe Thomas was a twin, not that he just had a brother who was a twin!)
15. There are 35 bathrooms in the White House
16. The 'S' in Harry S. Truman does not stand for anything.
17. Jimmy Carter was our peanut farmer
18. Barack Obama represents Illinois
19. Herbert Hoover came from Iowa
20. Franklin Roosevelt served 4 terms in office, the only President to do so, as they changed the law sometime after his serving.


Nicole said...

Wikipedia says that the S in Harry S. Truman doesn't stand for anything. However, DH was researching his family tree years ago and found that Harry S. Truman is a distant relative. The historical genealogy records show that the S stands for Shipp. Was a common practice in those days for middle names to actually be family surnames. Nice little trivia piece you put together, Mel!

shot in the arm said...

that's really interesting. I'll have to do more research about him. I had fun looking up facts for the questions. Thanks for the info about his name I'll have to mention that to my friend K who is a history buff.

Sonny Amou said...


I gotta call an audible on Truman. Pretty sure that S doesn't stand for anything.

Fun quiz, tho.