23 December 2008

winter woes

So I forgot that I donated my nice brown coat that I had for a number of years last year....so I've been wearing my blue coat which has been getting dirty as soon as I put it on. Not my idea of fun. So to keep from having to wash it once a week...I decided to look for a coat. Today I only worked one job...WHOA?! I know you are surprised. Well I started off at Dick's Sporting Goods..but all the coats were more like jackets with a warm fuzzy layer. I found the warm fuzzy layers on sale alone and they were $99...so I left. After getting a honey vanilla chai :), gas and groceries I went to Gander Mountain. This was quite the loop but oh well. At Gander Mountain there was a sale on their coats and I found a Columbia one that I liked...although I was trying to stay away from green and blue I still ended up with green. I did ask for assistance from my friend in Northern Ireland via flickr photos and my iPhone app Fring...thanks to Andy for his decision help based on a photo taken in the small mirror at the store. Plus it's a small..and I usually wear mediums by choice. So we'll see how it fits tomorrow and maybe I'll call the store to see if they get any mediums in stock soon.

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Sonny Amou said...

My turn to pester you. You still breathing, Mel? Echo?