01 December 2008


This is the photo of the drink Karen made me...picture perfect

Here are the dogs I'm dog sitting

Oh last night I bought Monopoly for the Wii since there is a Wii here in the house but not any games other then Link's and Wii Sports and Wii Play.
It was pretty fun and long. I thought the pieces would make more noises or do more things, for example I figured the car would drive across the places but it bounced like all the other pieces. The Wii motes did vibrate when it was your turn and my friend had the car so it made a car noise as well. I had a shoe, so it made a stomping noise I think. Other then the regular Monopoly game, you can also play a version where you have money based on your properties and you play 6 rounds where at the beginning of each round you play a quick game and then whoever wins gets to pick a dice first and the number on the die is how many spots your piece lands on. So if you pick the 5 die then your piece falls on 5 places on the board. Then you either get the property if noone else owns it or you pay rent to ther person who owns it by giving up a property. It's a pretty interesting version of Monopoly. You also earn different board types as you play. We'll see how it goes as I play it more.


Nicole said...

I had read some lousy reviews for the Monopoly game. But we're playing the Littlest Pet Shop game for the Wii now and it's adorable. The Nerf one rocks too.

shot in the arm said...

Well I am willing to let you borrow it if you want to try it out. Right now I'm working so much I don't have time to play it and I can send it to you or you can pick it up from me when I'm at work at either job. ;)