07 December 2008

Just read a funny comic...and it applies to me since in the past few days I:

Tuesday: was asked to come back seasonally to my old bookstore job by the Gen. Mgr.
Wednesday: filled out the application and annoying test questions online (with help)
Thursday: was called with questions, so stopped by to find out I already had a cubby with a note inside it, and was hired...
Friday: re-orientation from 6 pm to close
Saturday: worked a shift from 3 pm to close, including an hour at the register (where I was re-trained in about 5 minutes)

I think I'm still a bit stunned at everything...plus Saturday morning I slept 3 hours..not my fault, and so it was a long day since I worked an 8 hour shift at BBY then another 8 hours at the bookstore. Today I worked in the 7 am to 12:30 pm and came home and slept. YAY for sleep.

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