20 November 2008

So to get caught up

Unfortunately I'm not at home right now so I can't add photos...but here's what happened after my personal day.

I put in my notice at job #1 (full time job)
I had a meeting at the electronics store for the holiday meeting and saw who all the new seasonal employees were
I got to spend time with my brother and his wife who came home for a visit and brought their dog Bruce who is a lover of a dog...he just lays right next to you and wants to be pet...so sweet
I had 2 days off work to go with mom, her friend, brothers' wife to Madison and Galena...where I bought lots of pre-owned books and some music as well as eating a lot of food at restaurants and buying chocolate
I had a meeting or 'exit interview' at job #1 where I shared a lot of things so hopefully the next person will have a good experience
I have been counting down days til my last day at job #1...tomorrow is it for me
I had my review at the electronics store and got a raise
I worked 2 nights this week, Monday and Tuesday til midnight
I made brownies, a new kind where it's cookie dough and brownie mix in one which looks interesting for our staff meeting today at job #1
I went to bed early last night at 7:30 pm from being so tired
I have been playing phone tag with a lady who I will be house/dog sitting for from 25 Nov to 2nd Dec

I have been keeping up to date on blogs and doing a lot of Swaptree trades....I love that I spend $10 for shipping out books and receive 5 books a week in exchange :)

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