28 November 2008

In the place where lights are

I'm currently dog/house sitting for a couple my mom knows through her work. I started on Tuesday after I got done at work and will be here til Wednesday morning. Today was so nice out that most the neighbors in this neighborhood put up their seasonal lights and decorations. Across the street they put up 2 santas and a snowman I think...after they deflated them earlier today they all looked dead. It was pretty funny actually. Work was okay today. I didn't have to be there early for the crazies, I worked from 3 pm to 11:47 pm. Pretty nice actually. We had to thoroughly clean the whole department because there was so many items in the wrong spots. But I started walking around and picking up random items early on so at least it wouldn't be as bad as just ignoring it all. We sold a lot of iPod 8gb's today. Had people asking for rain checks...today...on Black Friday. NOOOO I do not think so dudes. That is why you should have been here at 4 am so you could get the products you wanted.

Our furniture is in our house now but it is still wrapped up since the dining room has not been finished and there will be a lot of dust this week when he comes to work on it. More pictures to come.

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