28 October 2008

Would you like a new book to read?

A fellow blogger SAHM has a contest going on, on her website that you might be interested in. The contest offering is a book called 'Scratch Beginnings' by Adam Shepard. It sounds almost comparable to books such as Nickel & Dimed and Bait & Switch by Barbara Ehrenreich.

Here's the introduction to the book from his website....

July 24th :
Setting Up

My mom is nervous. My pops seems more excited about it than I am. My brother anxiously awaits my departure, so he can take possession of my bed and all of my clothes after I leave. My friend Sana is stimulated by curiosity, while Matt thinks I may have simply gone mad.

And maybe he is right. I am very frustrated.

I am frustrated with the whining and complaining. Frustrated with the materialistic individualism that seems to be shaping every 13-year-old to be the next teen diva. Frustrated with the lethargy and lack of drive. Frustrated at always hearing how it “used to be” when people talk about the good ol' days in the same breath as their perceived demise of America.

I am really, really frustrated with the poor attitudes that seem to have swept over my peer group. Frustrated with hearing “I don’t have” rather than “Let’s see what I can do with what I do have.” So, I have decided to demonstrate that it doesn't have to be that way.

There are many ways that I could go about this. I could work my way through years and years of school, and when the time comes for me to write my dissertation, I could turn my teachings into a book perhaps worthy of being published that talked about the science of change or the science of attitude. I would write a comma and PhD next to my name on the cover and, based on my experience, people would know that whatever I had to say was inevitably true.

I could become the subject of a psychological case study on change that would highlight the importance of adopting a new way of thinking. I would find myself at the mercy of one of those aforementioned PhDs, hoping that he or she knew enough to use my talents – or lack thereof – productively.

Or, I could take matters into my own hands. And that’s what I have decided to do. I have had the idea in my pocket, itching to come out, a plan that I have been toying with since high school. And now that I am fresh out of college, broke, and bordering on homelessness anyway, it seems like as good a time as any to let it out.

And stop by SAHM's website to enter her contest :)

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