24 October 2008


So this week has been a long week.

Monday - Worked Bookstore job, then the electronics store (computer section)...oo the pink shirts finally came in and now they are free...for us to promote Breast Cancer awareness since that's what month it is. The shirts are pink, with a ribbon sewn on under the the electronics store logo. They are nice and soft too. YAY for new shirts for a little while.

Tuesday - Worked Bookstore job, then the electronics store (media section) we were there til at least 10:30 pm...it was a truck night and we have the Project Team so we had to unbox the truck in the warehouse so as to not be in the way.

Wednesday - Overslept cause I forgot to set my alarm...woke up at the time I was supposed to be at work. So was an hour late for the Bookstore job...and yes I worked at the electronics store tonight too (only til 9:30? hmm maybe 10? I'm not sure)

Thursday - Came to work....it was cold and rainy...then went and got gas, then went to Geo's to do his bookwork...and home to watch tv shows on my computer to catch up as well as watching Grey's Anatomy (cause i'm caught up on that one) and ER.

Friday - Work....it's still cold and rainy....and tonight dinner with a friend then I think I'm babysitting but I need to call and verify.

Hmm...What I've been listening to...Coldplay - Viva La Vida
What I've been reading...I'm still working on The Devil in the White City (good but I have to be awake and have a lot of time to read it)
What I've been doing otherwise....playing Super Paper Mario on the Wii...I'm at the beginning of 4-1 :) and I bought a Wii Fit this week, and have yet to set it up.

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