09 October 2008

The weekend

It was a great weekend. The end of it was not great...I got a migraine on Sunday night so ended up putting a cold wet washcloth on my face and lying on the Homedics vibration thing on a chair which helped relieve the pain....and stayed an extra night at Mollie's before coming back to town/work on Monday around 12:45 pm.

But on the fun side...I did about 12 pages on Saturday at the crop...which was neat cause I'd never been to a group crop before. I bought stuff all day from the store and had a tab so paid at the end of the night. I also met a bunch of ladies who were our age and it kept things lively. Sat night we went back to the house and watched Sex In The City movie...it was not something I'd recommend. Mollie told me I missed a lot of the series by only seeing the version on Fox. Well...praise the Lord cause frankly the movie was disturbing with all those stupid sex scenes and I really didn't want to see those parts. Anyway that was yucky.

We slept in on Sunday and then we went shopping. Mollie knows the best places to shop for scrapbooking supplies plus she had coupons. So I went scrap crazy and now I have tons of papers and stickers. Hopefully I'll be getting a new container for all my papers soon. Oh and I bought 2 scrapbooks so my finished projects are in a book now.

So I came home Monday morning...and Monday night I spent 3 hours organizing all the paper in colour order so all I have to do is grab and work. Yeah...I'm pretty crazy about organization.

This week has been going slowly and this weekend I'm going to 6 Flags Great America for Fright Fest.

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