01 October 2008

typical me

So it just figures that with working tomorrow night I waited til tonight to do a good look around for all the photos on cd's I have from my England/Germany/Northern Ireland/Ireland trip from summer 07....yup meant to do that already...so that I could get them printed and have them ready to scrapbook for THIS weekend. CRAPOLA. Guess I will be heading right to Walgreens when I hit Ankeny on Friday night. Hopefully one of them have matte photos...glossy suck!

I still haven't sorted out my scrapbooking containers..yes plural..i have 3. 2 are sorted with hanging file folders...one container is general life and the other is travel. Then the 3rd is just all my scrap materials thrown in, 2 albums, and the 43243 pages I completed LAST time I went to Ankeny for the weekend...Mollie is going to yell at me I can feel it.

Since I don't know why all my photos aren't on cd I just spent an hour 'Save As-ing' a good portion of them to my computer. I only did 57 of the ones from Heidelberg..and I am pretty sure I took around ...oh i checked 102 photos there. I wonder what my total for Germany is. Anyway, for whatever reason only certain photos are on a cd I burned.

I better go to bed...so I'm partially awake at both jobs tomorrow.

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