24 October 2008

Tonight tonight

Do you know that song? It's by the Smashing Pumpkins who incidentally are playing in a benefit this weekend in Cali along with Wilco...too bad I don't live there I'd SO go to see them both.

Tonight was fast....dinner was good :) very fun, but didn't get to have dessert since something got messed up with their machine that prints orders out?! So had to rush off and get to the babysitting. I only ended up babysitting the 3 year old boy since his parents decided not to go to the Haunted House (outside event for work) since the mom is getting a cold. So they took the baby and went shopping. It was pretty fun tonight with A, he's a cutie and he's learned a lot of new words since I last saw him. He's very inquisitive about what I was doing at all times. He's a sorter too...he went and found all the balls, of different types and sizes and brought them to me after we were done reading a few stories. He went to bed easily tonight YAY for that.

I came home and decided to hook up my new Wii Fit! Took me probably 1/2 hour just to unbox it, read all the instructions and some of the information and actually start it up. I then did 30 minutes of movement. The ski slalom (sp?) and the Hula Hoop were my favorite parts of it but I did some strength training and yoga as well. I was registering it on the Nintendo website and found more information about Wii Music...you can use it with the Wii Fit board. Pretty neat sounding. But I'm only on level 4 of Super Paper Mario so I won't be buying it anytime soon.

Tomorrow is a sleep in day...YAY and tomorrow night I'm babysitting A again and maybe his sister.

Anyone tried Wii Fit or Super Paper Mario? I'd love to hear your comments. I know my job is influencing me to buy these things but they are fun and it gets me moving.

Music to listen to : Switchfoot - Gravity
Book to read : The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie (found it and started reading it tonight after A was asleep)

Anyone reading anything interesting you'd like to recommend?

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Sonny Amou said...

I just started reading "Angler", the new biography about Dick Cheney. The scary side of interesting.

I'm also supposed to be reading Divisidero with Charlotte (as part of an eBook Club thing), written by M. Ondaatje - he wrote The English Patient. Which, by the way, is another good read.