10 October 2008


Today was migraine #2 for the week...how annoying. Luckily I was on my way home when I felt it coming on so as soon as I got here I took the meds and then laid down. Food was brought home so I had to stay away til it arrived...and then I slept for 3 hours or so. I'm awake and decided to play Super Paper Mario, finally beat 2-4...and I admit for the first time ever on this game I used an online cheat as I could NOT figure out what to do next and kept dying at the same place. I'm really feeling crap still but I know if I go to bed I'll just be lying there restless so I'm attempting to upload more photos onto Flickr...trying to find all my Euro vacation 2007 photos from various sources, namely photobucket and my external hd and move them all onto one place. Kinda funny to be going through them all again and remembering where I went. So far I have about 30? of Germany moved...out of...a few hundred. I did some at work earlier and got fed up looking at Germany so did various other folders that were smaller from Norn Iron and the Frankfurt Airport...plus I went through and Geo-tagged all the photos so they are on a map now :)

In a few hours I'm going to 6 Flags and I'm not packed yet..and I need a shower cause my hair is driving me nutty. I actually need to get my hair cut...it's getting long and I'm sure it's long enough to donate now and still have a decent amount of hair on my head left.

I haven't recommended anything in ages...so here goes:

Read The Devil In The White City
Listen to Pneumonia by Whiskeytown
Play Super Paper Mario on the Wii
Walk a mile today
Read your local newspaper
Check out the candidates in more detail and figure out who you are going to vote for and why

Good luck!

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