31 October 2008

List from June...

It's really bad when you go back and review your blog and discover a list that has still NOT been completed...

  1. New windshield (mine cracked last March, it's been over a year now & it really should be replaced
  2. Taking the car to the mechanic, the back windshield wiper doesn't work & I'd like it fixed
  3. Frames for my signed & unsigned Wilco posters
  4. Scrapbooks and the clear plastic pages to put my completed pages in. I have over 20 pages that I completed in March that I have no room for in my current scrapbooks. I did this when I was in Des Moines a few weeks ago!!
  5. Photos from previous trips overseas to print out and scrapbook. Okay I think I printed off maybe 1/2 the photos and scrapbooked them so I need to complete that.
  6. Photos from trips around here to Chicago & St Louis to print out & scrapbook
  7. Las Vegas, we are hoping for a trip there next year to celebrate our 30th birthdays
Things on my personal list of things to buy:

1. Wii
2. 2 new Tires for my car
3. Airline Tickets for 2009 SummerMadness
4. SM 2008 worship cd - purchased online today, if you order right away you get a limited edition
5. iPhone
6. Cables for Lance to install my car stereo in my car - did this the day I went to Des Moines and it's all installed making it much easier to plug in my iPod

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