12 October 2008

another weekend away

So on Friday I had a migraine...I mentioned this already. So I slept from around 6 to sometime after 9 pm. Then I woke up and played Super Paper Mario...beating 2-4...with an online cheat cause I was frustrated. Then I was still awake..Excedrin Migraine does that to me so I saved photos from another website and moved them onto Flickr. Hopefully I will get more put on there weekly since I have hundreds of photos from my travels. I was up most of the night and got another 3 hours sleep before waking, showering, packing and heading to Sarah's house. She drove us to Six Flags, and I took up the entire backseat and rested cause I felt yucky from the after effects of the migraine. Once at the park we had a greeeeeeeat time. We had our Gold Flash Pass and used it to go on Batman...numerous times, Raging Bull, at least 3 times, managing to ride on the teal, yellow and magenta colored cars. We also managed to get on Superman, although it had been closed most of the day or Full. The ride on it was great this time, last year was not as good for me. Let's see, we also went on the Whizzer and walked around the park a lot. This year Sarah and I managed to see the character parade, although her cousins didn't see it since they were eating lunch at a different location. We were at the park til around 9:30 and then we were tired so we left. We went to the hotel and checked in, then to McD's and back. This morning we woke up at 9ish...it was 10 hours sleep after all...and headed for Schaumburg. We ate lunch at Sweet Tomato (great salad bar and lots of other goodies), and went to a few shops. I ended up buying a pair of jeans. Mine are all over a year old and most of them don't fit right anymore. I slept for a while on the way home and I'm still sorta tired. Gotta love weekend adventures.


Sonny Amou said...

Which Six Flags is this? There's one in north LA that has about a dozen decent coasters, including Tatsu and Deja Vu, both rides in which I just about soiled myself.

New blog template is nice. Cheers from BeachVille.


shot in the arm said...

It's 6 Flags Great America (the one in Gurnee Mills) It's just north of Chicago. :) Thanks for the comments!!