06 September 2008

Working out the tiredness

I'm tired
I'm tired of not having enough sleep..but I am enjoying working at the electronics store...where tomorrow for about 15 minutes you too can buy you very own iPhone..before we run out of them that is. I think we have around 54 of them...but I'm not sure. I wonder how many people will come and try to get one. We found out today at our crack o' dawn meeting that we are the only place to buy one AND get an accidental protection plan on it....so you drop it or get it wet, etc and we fix and/or replace it.
Oo also for 15 minutes will be dun dun de dunnnn WiiFit....yup that's right. And see this is all in the advert in the paper...and if you lived in a city to the west of the Q.C. you'd already know this since they get their adverts on Saturdays not Sunday. Nothing like causing confusion to the people who come to our store on Saturdays thinking the sale has already started...

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