03 September 2008

This weeks schedule

I'll start with last Friday night...

Friday-migraine, came home, napped, ate corn on the cob, had a friend over who brought her Wii and Wii Fit :)
Saturday-helped a friend who is a foster mum so she could clean house, organise bills and not have to deal with 2 kids as well!
Sunday-worked at the electronics store
Monday-went into town and met up with a friend, went to a cookout, then drove to friends' parents house (i'm like part of the family), had another meal/birthday party for the dad and got to pick corn for the pigs
Tuesday-worked at Bookstore, had dinner, worked at the electronics store and got done on a truck night at 9:45 pm
Wednesday-worked at Bookstore, had dinner, watched end of Forrest Gump and then worked at BBY til 9:30 pm
Thursday-Sleep in...Optomotrist appointment, work at Bookstore, dinner, work at the electronics store, get out at ?
Friday-work at bookstore, come home...
Saturday-the electronics store storewide meeting, work afterward
Sunday-work at the electronics store

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