08 August 2008

Thurs and Fri nights

Thursday night

Left work, went to store to send books (Swaptree trades), then over to the bookstore to drop off newspapers, talked to Kathy and Ryan, went to the electronics store for work. Tonight was truck night...and 2 of us were closing so that meant that we were going to be there a while. We were there til 11:32 pm...but I organised all the laptops and put them away accordingly, so now I can go in the back and find them in a minute or less instead of 5-10 minutes of wasted time. :) We also are putting our own gaming software away, and noone understands they need to alphabetize them and put them away by genre....yup I know it's so hard with all those handy dandy labels I made months ago...

Friday night

Left work and went to a friends house, where we hung out a little while before another friend came over so we could go to a 4th persons house to watch a parade..where we ate salsa and chips on the lawn before the parade came by. Then we collected candy and each had our own bag :) I ended up bringing another bag home however because it was mistakenly left in my car. They were even handing out icee's but one of mine leaked so I had to put my candy in a different bag when I got home. After the parade I drove closer to downtown and we walked down to the festival that was going on, bought funnel cake, stood around and ate that and then we all got something to drink. By this time it was dark so we walked up the hill a bit and sat on the sidewalk to watch the fireworks on the Mississippi River that they were setting off on a barge. It was pretty amazing. They did a great job of fireworks and I really enjoyed it. My friend and I knew most of the songs and sang along :)

It's late now and I'm needing to sleep before I work tomorrow...at 10 am. That's nearly 9 hours of sleep I'll get.

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