26 August 2008

Things I've been doing

I have worked 3 weeks with no days off til Sunday...YAY for a day off to use my new paycheck to go and buy work clothes that I badly needed. Now I have tons of nice clothing and spent lots of money but they were worth it. I get this Saturday and Monday off so 2 more days of cleaning my room maybe? I also got new shoes...here they are...minus the Sketcher boots, I was just showing those to a friend as well.

Let's see, the past week we got new cement flooring in a basement room. And that's about it on the house front. Tonight I took photos of the plane that just sprayed our fields and was going over our house making loud noise....you really wanted to go to a bomb shelter..it was cool! Most of these photos are taken from my bedroom in the front of the house, only the 3rd one is from the back bathroom window.

Thanks Sonny for your comment :)

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