13 August 2008

New porch time

So we are finally tearing off the front porch in order to put a new one on :) Here are the photos I have taken to show my brother. The first one is actually after dad started, so the railing you see on the right actually used to be on the left between the house and that post as well, but it's already gone. Plus there used to be railings underneath the porch as well but they removed that too!

There is a lot of housework going on. The walls in the dining room, living room and front room all got stripped and we are waiting for a plasterer to come to repair some places, we have new furniture coming for the living room and of course the porch is being redone.

You'll see Flash, our dog, he saw me taking photos and posed accordingly :) He wanted to show you the porch is changing as well as saying how confusing it is cause his food dishes keep moving.

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