14 August 2008

More of the porch saga

Here is ....well no...here is our house...missing the porch :) The first two pictures are from Wednesday night and the next thirteen are from tonight. The eighth one is mom's garden and the apple trees. Plus the last 2 and the 4th one Flash managed to get into after I told him earlier that he needed to stand further back but he didn't. You can also see my dad and his friend sitting on his friends truck taking a break after they finished...they finished right BEFORE I came home. The last two are also from the front left of the house, kitchen door that led to the porch, dad put a container there as a step. I also just realised I hadn't taken any photos from upstairs, so you can see the screens a bit, but I added 3 photos, the first is from my room (2nd floor all the way to the right) as well as 2 from my parent's room which is the middle room. So from my parents room you can see the kitchen door and the left side of the house. And from my room you see the front right of the house :)

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