01 August 2008

Live Music

So this year Lollapalooza is broadcasting for free live through a webcast on AT&T's Blue Room....Check it out here! I'm watching, what a great way to save a couple hundred dollars, avoid sunburn and fit it into my schedule!


Anonymous said...


Be wary of sitemeter. I've had some issues with their linkage, has been crashing my site periodically. If you have issues opening up your blog, you might want to check your sitemeter stuff that tracks your traffic.

Hope this helps. How's that sunburn?


shot in the arm said...

Thanks, I haven't had any problems with sitemeter. But I'll keep that in mind!

My sunburn is a tan now...I should have put up photos...if I was going out somewhere I at least have the option of wearing a tank top or strapless top since I don't have any lines where straps would be. GO me!