15 July 2008

What to wear?

Today is my interview with the local community college bookstore for the bookseller assistant job. I haven't even picked out what I'm wearing. I'm happy to say though that my sunglistening has turned into a tan! At least I won't look all red when I go in today. Luckily I've been so busy with the golfing that I haven't even had time to think about the interview, so no time to get nervous or worry about it. It's pretty much how I like to go into things, by not thinking about them and keeping as busy as possible.

This is my last week in Media as well. I officially start on Sunday in Computers. I'm a bit nervous about that but oh well. There is one project I want to have finished by Sunday but it will only work if we get a shipment of the plastic dvd shelf holders in since I need those to do it. I found more broken shelving 2 weeks ago. You may remember a while back I was re-doing the whole dvd dept, well apparently I skipped Action or I thought someone else did it, but it wasn't done. Nor was Anime. So they both need nice new shelving. Although I did go through Anime 2 weeks ago and re-alphabetize, re-space things and get the shelves all aligned. Going into work last night was a shock to my system though, because the back room was in utter chaos, and I could see several things hadn't been getting done. I ended up getting a migraine not long after arriving so I found a nice quiet job of re-alphabetizing/re-sectioning all the computer games as it's been ages since I last did this and it was a mess again. Plus I moved all the game guides into a better order so they go all the way across the shelves instead of top to bottom by shelving section. It's much easier to look at now.

Well I should shower and pick out an outfit now...hmm what to wear. Plus I will have a few hours to kill since I don't have to be at work til 6 tonight..and my interview is at 2:15.

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