05 July 2008

Websites for you to see

So I came across some websites

The first is for parents...it's called Kids in Mind. It reviews movies and gives an advisory about movies you may want to take your kids to.
The next is called Terra Pass and it's to help us 'go green' with all sorts of neat electrical and non-electrical devices. I found a few things on there I want buy!
The last one is for Making Wishes...and helping others fulfill their wishes.

Have you found any good websites lately? Leave a comment for me to check them out!

Thanks SAHM :)


Sonny Amou said...

You say good, I say weird. One that is really funny is "Plaintive Wail." It's a kind of personal blog whose chief feature is creative captions to random pics that the blog's writer, Stephen Falk, finds here and there. Some of them are quite hilarious.

Then there's the mocksite "Museum of Bad Art." I think some boyo in Boston started it and created a gallery out of stuff he found in garbage cans around Bean Town.

Finally, there's GraphJam, popular with my tech writing friends. It's songs reinterpreted in MS Office graphs. Pretty geek-funny.


Nicole said...

If you go into the Frogpond at BzzAgent and find where it says to share, you can get personalized URLs for the websites. They keep a counter of how many click-thrus you generate. Doesn't make any difference really, but it's kind of cool to see how many people click on your links.