01 July 2008

Time for a wee update

This past Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon and this morning were SummerMadness 08. The festival I usually attend yearly in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I 'attended' this year by watching it Webcast Live each day. It was the highlight of this week I have to admit, although I feel as though I were actually there since I'm so tired from waking up early each morning to watch the webcast, then going to work, then coming home and watching the 2nd webcast of the day. Today I took a nap finally so I'm a bit more rested.

I have finally re-activated my Swaptree account. I talked about this website back in January or February and did a lot of trading and then paused my account while I read all the books I had acquired, listened to the cd's and I still haven't watched all my 'new' movies. Basically you are trading for books, cd's, dvd's, and video games. And as you trade and get positive results since the person you trade with has recieved your item you gain a higher amount of trading you can do at any given time. I think I'm as high as you can go for amount of trading at a time, at 20 trades. I sent off 5 or 6 packages today and will be recieving some books and movies shortly :) I'm excited for the movies. I like this website because all you pay for is the shipping and it's pretty reasonable rates through the post office. I think I'm most excited about getting The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant. She's a great author :)

Next week is the John Deere Classic at TPC and I am volunteering on the Cart Committee so I get the best job of all! Driving carts around all day. YUP so that will be me on Wed, Thurs, Sat and Sunday. Plus the MetLife blimp went over our house yesterday. Here are the photos. I looked on their website and it's Snoopy2. And you can find the schedule on there as well as some photos up close. Today it was over by my work for a while as well.

The blimp headed from West to East and so I got a shot before it hid behind one of our trees, then ran down out garden and took 2 more photos after it was on the other side. If you click them the photos should be pretty large, with better details for you to see.

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