11 July 2008

Sunscreen and me

So...even with 30 block I'm still red. I went out today with my mom just to watch and sat on the 18th green for a few hours. Then we walked over to 9 to find Brian Davis. He's a Brit who we followed on Wednesday for a few hours during the ProAm. Mom's boss played on the team with 2 other guys and a lady that day plus Brian. Since we were his little cheering section we keep finding him to see how he's doing. Yesterday mom was able to talk to him when he finished on #10 since that's where she was laser scoring at. Today we found him when he got to #9's green and cheered again. He said that he thought it was us since he heard mom yell. :) Someones gotta cheer from him, he doesn't have any fans here from England! When we got home I looked and found out that the PGA has a live beta version of live scoring. So all those scoring people that walk with the players actually have their inputting of info on the world wide web for all of us to see. Go them! So I was able to catch a few of the holes before he finished. He's in 6th place right now...though it could change depending on how others finish today. Tomorrow there is a storm delay so I don't have to be there til 7:30 am...not sure what time we will get done now.

Today I received more books and dvd's from my Swaptree trades. I now have Spiderman and Spiderman 2, as well as Bend It Like Beckham and a few more books. I need to send about 6 items out on Monday but I've messaged everyone I'm trading with to let them know so they don't wonder why it took so long.

Sunburnt alert: it's not on my shoulders, and a bit on my back. I wore the top of my hair up and the rest down so you can see where if I lift my hair up, plus you can see I wore a strapless top today because I'm red on my upper chest area..oops!

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