23 July 2008


So I'm totally addicted to Big Brain 2 now. I have followed the directions and learned how to make notations so you can write in numbers as guesses which has helped. I've actually completed one and am working on the second but I'll need to borrow my friends ac adapter as the battery is dying from all my playing! I'm still aged at 50 on Brain Age which is rather sad..and my brain weight on Big Brain isn't that good either but at least I'm at a First Grader level on My Spanish Coach :) Gosh I can't wait til I can afford a DS...I think I'm becoming addicted to it.

Hmm..well Computers is going splendidly and I'm really enjoying it. Last night was truck night so I was up and down the ladder/staircase thingy a bunch moving monitors. I'm Ms. Organization so they are in alpha order and by size. I wish I could go in sometime and move all the monitors around on top though, cause they are in 2 places on top not just one, plus some are on floor level in no particular order.

Tomorrow is Orientation for the bookstore job. And next week I'll basically be at the community college all week to learn my job since they are busier there. Hopefully tomorrow I can ask about clothing again and get a better idea.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love that discount. What is it, 40%? I recall it was some insane amount like that.

shot in the arm said...

I'm not sure what it is. For instance HDMI cords are around what..$40 or more but I can buy one for about $3. The actual game hardware will not be discounted just the games.