12 July 2008

So what'd I do

Today I..

Didn't have to be there til 7:30 am since the tee time was at 10 :)
The Port a potty truck got stuck on the hill in the mud so by the time I drove all the way around and it got unstuck I missed doing the lunch run
So then I decided to follow Brian around...I walked all 18 holes. Too bad I didn't wear a pedometer I could tell you how far I walked...the hardest hole to walk is #3...that hill took my breath away!
Brian ended up at -7...so now he's in 36th place...
When Brian finished I left and went to dinner
Sunday...we'll see how it goes!

1 comment:

Heather said...

7 under par is 36th place? Yikes! Tough crowd.