07 July 2008

So much to say..

Actually I don't have much to say. I can give you a photo update.

Here is my face after 1 day of preparing for the PGA Tour at Deere Run on Sunday while moving/washing carts and driving around the course. I have my arm up so you can see the difference between my skin on my arm and that on my face.

I will be out there with Snoopy and a lot of pro golfers all week. Tomorrow I only work til 11 am so I'll be out there during the Professional Practice Rounds and the Youth Clinic and if you'd like to come watch the Pros..it's completely free.
Wednesday I'll be out there all day as well for the Pro-Am, and Thurs - Sun are the actual rounds of golf. I'm really excited to drive carts around. Plus this year they built a barn for us to store and charge the carts in. Next year we are getting a cement floor instead of the gravel we have now. I'm just down the hill from the 17th green and the 18th tee. It's one massive hill. After driving up it around 25 times yesterday I am more then ready to drive up it with my eyes closed. For some reason though, people keep telling me NOT to hit the pedestrians...I don't know why not? So I'll try and post each night and produce photos of my tan. I officially have tan lines on my arms now so we'll see how quickly this goes along. My working times for Wed, Thurs, Sat and Sun are to be out there....oh gosh....at 5 am. Yes...that's right. Apparently there will be people coming in just after that time to get their carts. We supply carts for a good number of the other volunteer groups as well as some organizations. Oh and I get done around 8:30 pm. So if you are going to be out there let me know and maybe we can meet up. Tomorrow and Friday I'm not scheduled but I figured I may as well be out there anyway. So Friday I may just wander around and watch. I'm just excited because I get to park really close by, which makes up for the lack of sleep. And if you like golf, they will be broadcasting parts of it live on the Golf Channel and CBS. So you may see me yet!

Thanks Sonny for the websites I'll check those out!


Nicole said...

Dang. I asked last year about becoming a volunteer at the JDC but was told "We have more volunteers than we need." You are soo lucky!

Sonny Amou said...

No worries, amiga. Anytime you ask yourself "gee, where can I get a massive dose of weird?" go ask your friendly neighborhood white cat.

Another one that's really good btw. is I Can Has Cheeseburger? Goofy captions with pics of cats caught doing awkward things.