27 July 2008

Oh my gas

This weekend was fun and long...and full of kids..and riding on a boat and parks and talking to a lot of people about computers.

Tonight after work I needed to get gas so I went where I normally go, right up and a bit over from where I work to the station. I was paying in cash, so I went inside to pre-pay and my surprise was that I got an 8 cents off per gallon since I was paying in cash...plus the gas was down...yup down to like 3.87 or so. YAY for it going down.

Tomorrow I start my new job, filling out more paperwork stuff and getting to know the set up. Should be interesting.


Sonny Amou said...

I would kill for sub-4 dollar gas. I speak for, oh, at least 20 others I know in SoCal.

shot in the arm said...

Yeah I know we are lucky..you are still pretty lucky since you have decent public transportation. I can't take a bus or walk anywhere here since nothing is central plus I live out in the boonies...