15 July 2008

Longish day

So the interview went pretty well I think. Once again it was done by 4 people. What's with this new form of interviewing where you get everyone you can fit into the room? Okay I fib, they could have actually fit about 8 more people into the room today.

Afterwards I went to the library to return the books and get some new ones. It was pretty warm so I decided to go to get some ice cream since I had a gift certificate to use. Then I drove to a park nearby where I ate my ice cream..yum...and read a book.

Here's the best part of my day...I went to work...and got a weird message when I tried to clock in. Yup I wasn't supposed to work tonight, but tomorrow night from 6 to 10 pm. But we have a bunch of hours that noone's using? so I stayed and it was good I did, cause I didn't leave til 11:15 pm and that was with 3 of us working and still not getting as much done on a 'truck night' as we normally get done. So yesterday was re-organising the computer games, tonight was (after closing) re-arranging the virus/scan programs.

I'm tired so g'night

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