10 July 2008

The longest shift ever

5 am to 9 pm is 16 hours of golf filled fun and craziness.

I took a photo but I can't tell anything in it...the slight sunburn is on my face and upper arms a little bit ie. not enough to hurt. I'm still good about putting on the protection :)

In order:
1. On my way up the hill looking to the left at the back of the 17th skyboxes
2. Next to the 17th skyboxes in the white tent are port a potties
3. This is the area where the Pros practice putting
4. This is from the same spot as 3. looking down onto 18th green just past the Tee box.
5. This is the parking lot, which is between the 18th green and the putting area
6. This is in front of the Deere statue, this is one of the two morning news guys doing his show.
7. This is the sign that is on the back of the stands of the 1st tee

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