21 July 2008

Lights out

So last night we had a wonderful storm...great sound effects and rain coming in my windows and some nice breeze going on. So my dad has the generator on for us to use...yay cause I needed a shower. After work I was driving home and there were no lights on our side of the river and it was the best drive home ever. I have photo-sensitivity since I have light coloured eyes so lights really bother me...especially other peoples headlights. So driving home without thousands of overhead lights was the best :)

But one perk of this week is one of the girls at work let me borrow her Nintendo DS...which I've been pondering buying one, but would I use it...well I love it so far. I'm playing the 'My Spanish Coach' and am remembering a lot of what I learned in high school. Now if they would expand and have a 'My German Coach' we'd be set. I'd love to return there after being there last summer. Right now they only have French, Spanish, and Word Coaches. Right now I'm at a First Grader level and I'm having fun unlocking new learning games. My friend also has Brain Age 2, which I like, but am thinking it's not a favourite, plus Big Brain, and Nintendogs. I don't like Nintendogs, I don't really see the point. I'd like to try some of the Imaginez games.

Computers is going great! I'm having fun and it's very different from Media. :)

Ok I am going to get offline now so that we aren't wasting power. See ya later!

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