09 July 2008

Head aches

Well I officially am a wee bit sunburnt...only on my face..it's on my nose, which I think I may have skipped and a bit on my forehead/cheek area but not bad. This is not the best I could do but I'm tired and was trying to hurry so I could eat dinner..at 9 pm..lol

Today was good...I was there at a little after 5 am and it was amazing to see the light come over the course and be there when it was barely light moving carts around and seeing how many people were already there mowing and setting up. A guy that was in my high school class works out there and he was there when I was driving around this morning and still there when I left. I wonder how much sleep he'll be getting during this. It was fun when I was able to follow a group around for an hour or two today, the Pro was British, from London actually, and he was joking with us, and asked if we had seen Austin Powers and then said the line about being sexy. It was soo hilarious and dead on. Hopefully he'll be playing on Friday so I can follow him around more. It was only my mom, her friend and I following this one particular group for the most part and we were their cheering section :)

Okay time for sleep!

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