28 July 2008

Bookseller Assistant Day 1

Today was really really boring.

1. Handed in a stack of paperwork and got my keys for a few rooms/cabinets.
2. Learned how to use the copier with stapler. You have to be trained in order to get a number for the machine.
3. Took a tour of the building. The elevator is really fast and after riding it up high it made me feel bouncy.
4. Met 890432 people whose names I do not remember. Plus I won't be back to my actual job location til next Monday since this Tues-Thurs I'll be training at another location.
5. Played on the internet for ages and came up with ideas for a webpage that a few of us haven't worked on in a while.
6. Learned how to use the phone system.
7. Got a Staff Photo ID Card made...that I'll probably never have to use.

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