18 July 2008

Another part of the journey

So on Tuesday I interviewed for a full time bookseller/admin assistant job (it's a 2 part job) and the interview went pretty much the same as the one I had at the electronics store a few months ago for the Senior spot. Once again had 4 people interviewing me...is this the new way? And had a guy in there nodding his head at my answers. Today I was called and offered the job. Yes I was surprised! It took me a while to get excited about it. I called my parents and told them and my mom was more excited then I am. ;) So I have to change my schedule at the electronics store to work with my new job. It will mostly be Mon-Fri 7:45am to 4:15pm but there will be times where I work overtime. Yes they told me that during the interview even. So now I'll actually not be fretting over gas money and be able to get ahead on payments. Plus it's business casual, and I will be trying to figure out what that means...so any ideas please let me know. She told me what I had on at the interview was good. Okay so I'm going to be walking around in sandals and a skirt lifting boxes of books? *insert confused look here*

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