11 June 2008

Windy days

Still without a computer...but reading a lot of books. I went to 2 libraries yesterday, one on each side of the river to get books, cd's, and a few audiobooks. So I should be set for a few weeks at least. I've already read of the books and still have about 30 books to read. But my hours keep going up and down at work so along with not having any computer and many hours at work I will be a crazy reader.

I am waiting for coupons from Walgreens to get my photos developed...6 rolls is a lot to do at once but I'm only planning on getting one set each plus a photo cd. I would scan the photos myself but thats a lot of photos to do and not worth it for me.
And for a friend...a photo of Devin Hoff, the bassist in Nels Cline Singers. I'll scan the photo from the cd cover when I can.

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