18 June 2008

While I'm thinking of it...a retailers message to you

This is a 2 part message, the 2nd half is to general public :)

Dear Parents,

Something I've learned from the jobs I have worked are the following items you might want to keep in mind when taking your young children out shopping.

1. In places that have carpeting, especially be it dark carpeting like the electronics store I work at, the carpet is dirty, it gets cleaned once every few months professionally and the rest of the time the actual workers are left to vacuum it with whatever vacuums the store provides. I have found the following items on carpets that are hard to see, pins (especially in any clothing store), dog poop (found that 2 months ago...i'm not kidding), used cigarrettes, gum, lollipop sticks, wrappers, a 1/2 eaten burger. So not only do I normally come home with dirt on my knees but I am always cleaning my hands with anti bacterial wipes.
2. Power strips are on and not all the plug in's are used. They are easily accessible to children, especially those who are likely to crawl. There are NO child safety protectors on them, so make sure you keep a good eye on your child.
3. If we have computers on, your child is more likely to come and try to play on them then not. So please, keep your child close. I really don't like to explain to customers why some of our display models are missing, yes we do have them in stock, but they had to get fixed because children think they are toys.
4. More often then not a good deal of product has been sitting, sitting in boxes, on shelves, or in the warehouse, where yes, there is a good deal of dust/dirt. So when you touch a dvd or cd, don't be surprised if there is dirt on it. Small children tend to like to grab these items or hold them, and just so you know, they aren't clean. (reason #2 I have wet wipes at work, because after putting out product or moving shelving around my hands are black)

Dear Customer,

Yes I love to help you but here are some things you may want to keep in mind so I can help you efficiently.

1. Read the ad. Does it say we have New Releases....I bet it does. I bet it also says the day that New Releases are coming out. It's usually Tuesday but not always.
2. When you speak to me, please speak slowly and clearly. I don't mind asking you multiple times to repeat yourself, but I bet it gets frustrating on your part. Mumbling is not helpful.
3. If you are looking for a certain favorite artist or movie that spells their name strangely, if you know how to spell it you will save me a lot of time trying to type in their name til I find the right one.
4. When you call, there is usually other noise behind me, so again speak slowly, clearly, turn down your tv/radio, go away from children so I can hear you. Oh and please DO NOT eat while you are talking to me, I don't enjoy hearing you chew..and normally I will put the phone down if you do this while I look for your item.
5. If you find something and then decide you don't want it PLEASE hand it to me, or put it near my computer or on an area that is obviously a work area. We spend a lot of time trying to make things easy to find, and the store clean, but when you put cd's in the dvd area or take a game and leave it in home theatre, or even decide you don't want a cd and put it in the wrong spot because you don't feel like walking it back to the right spot..this leads me to not finding it for a customer who does want it. And it creates frustration for the customer who can't have it because even though our inventory shows we have it, noone can find it.

I would love to be able to make customers happy, but finding product, and not having their kids pick up and shove random items in their mouths. So please have a care and we will try to do our best to help you. Feel free to pass this on in any form.

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Nicole said...

Mel - I haven't read this post yet, but wanted to respond to your Wii Fit question. Yes, we have Wii Ski and it's far different and more of a game than the skiing stuff in the Wii Fit. The Wii Fit has a ski jump as well as a slalom, but I haven't opened up any other ski games (yet). But Wii Ski is interactive. Lets you choose where to ski. Do slaloms, jumps, races. It's very cool and worth recommending to your customers.