21 June 2008

Wanted to mention

So while I've been looking around trying to find more interesting places to eat near where I work and hang out I finally found a website that is wonderful. Plus I will be able to use it when I go to Chicago or on my travels. So check it out it's called Yelp. You type in your city/state and can narrow it down by type of place you are looking for. It's a site that is based on consumer reviews. You can even create an account, like I did, and post your own reviews plus answer some extra questions about the business and give your own star rating. They show the places on a map all numbered so you can easily find them. The great thing is it's not just eateries, it covers libraries, stores, medical offices, automotive, real estate and more. Basically you can add any place if it's not on there and put your 2 cents in. So check it out :)

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