14 June 2008

Walking around the river

Yesterday I worked from 7 to 1:30...I cased more of the DS games...I'm almost done with the entire section. We still don't have enough cases for all of those to be cased as well as casing other types of new games as they come in. So after I did that, I worked on Wii games, then went through Playstation 2 games and made space, re-alpha'd as well as making new stickers since some things had changed price. Always exciting when games aren't priced correctly. We even got in some MarioKarts and wheels. After work I went to the library for an hour, then to the Mark to get my friend Maria's and my packets and shirts for Race for the Cure which we walked in this morning with our friend Sarah. Then I went to a framing place and got high quotes for my 2 Wilco posters...I apparently will be checking other places since it was around $300 for 2 posters with UV glass and only 1 would have matting. Then I went to Target and had fun picking out baby clothes and some items for a girl who is about to have a wee girl. I still need to ship the package but I'm waiting on an address for her. Let's see, I also bought an underbed storage container, which is currently sitting on top of the posters so they flatten out, with books in it for weight and some tissue paper for protective layers. I even bought a gel seat pad for my bike so I can ride and not kill my bum each time I go out.

Today we walked in Race for the Cure..and I'm waiting to see how long it took us to fast walk it in. We had timers for our shoes :) It was perfect weather for the race and Maria teased me that I don't have any concerts to look forward to now. I have to remedy that.

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