02 June 2008

Travel by train

So tomorrow I leave for Chicago for a day, and I'm taking a train this time. I'm excited about not having to drive up alone, plus saving money from not buying gas :) It's also exciting because I'll be able to read and listen to my iPod. It will be a different trip to Chicago for me, since I'm used to going with others and having a schedule. This trip is based around going to see The Nels Cline Singers. The rest of the time will see me wandering about taking photos and enjoying the hopefully nice weather :) Oh and re-applying sunscreen so I don't burn up like a tomato.

Today is full of fun, going to mow the lawn, iron the curtains from 2 rooms downstairs that I washed, and go to town to get gas/money and oh yes, return my stack of Janet Evanovich books to the library and get more books. I read all the rest of the series that she has out currently for the Stephanie Plum books.

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Sonny Amou said...

Safe trip. Glad you liked the KEXP. I think the deejay you mentioned was Cheryl Waters, she comes on five days a week 10 San Diego/12 noon Illinois. About once a month I request a song from her and she's always really polite.