16 June 2008


I'm exhausted from my crazy work schedule and am thinking I may take a nap today. But before I do, I am excited to say my laptop has been returned to me, the screen has been cleaned :) and a new motherboard has been installed. Plus I didn't lose any of my weblinks or anything else. Glad about that because I don't have any other list of the links anywhere. Guess I'll be doing that soon.

In other news, I worked in Computers on Sat night and then again this morning our computer person didn't come in, so they asked me to work over there, and so I did and had fun talking to a good deal of customers. Eventually went back over to Media to check on it and one of our new media girls was working...which if our supervisor had printed out the weekly schedule I would have known she was coming in. Oh well. I hope someone showed up after I left so she wasn't alone too long!

I can't believe the photos of flooding I have been finding locally and the stories I've heard about places that are west of us. I'm glad I live where the roads are clear so I can get to work.

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